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CrackerJack Mud Jacking Inc. is a concrete lifting company in Colorado, that helps homes and businesses repair sinking concrete through a process known as mud jacking. Our contractors may be able to restore your concrete to perfectly level surfaces no matter how much deformation has taken place. All successful slab jacking projects start off with an assessment of the situation by a professional who will determine if repairs are feasible.

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Mud Jacking is a unique process that raises concrete that has sunk from its once perfect levels back to its original state using high grade non shrinking concrete mixtures. During this process our professionals will attempt to raise the slabs of concrete close to their original grade and alignment. If we are unsuccessful there is no charge.

Is this a new way to fix sunken concrete?

Mud jacking has become a very common repair method that has been used for many years. The concept of mud jacking is very simple, but should still only be attempted by professionals. The process requires specialized equipment and takes a trained eye to get the job done just right.


1. First we start by drilling a number of 1.5-inch holes are drilled in the sunken area of concrete.

2.A slurry mixture of: topsoil, concrete sand, and Portland Cement mixture is pumped through the holes under the slab. We then apply a massive force of pressure to fill the empty area beneath while raising the concrete.

3. Once the concrete is raised to the needed height, we using a non shrinking concrete mixture to patch any unwanted and unsightly holes. Once the job is finished we clean up the area and any debris created on the job site. If you are not satisfied with the job or we were unable to complete the job, no payment is required until you are pleased with the results.

If you are ready to repair your sunken concrete quickly and efficiently call us today at one of our three locations:
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Ft Collins/Greeley/Loveland — 970-472-1040
Colorado Springs/Pueblo — 719-520-1099

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What are the advantages of mud jacking?

While some companies don't mind paying for a costly concrete flat-work lifts, others prefer Mud Jacking. Why? Because not only is it cleaner and faster than the traditional method, it is also much more cost effective. Mud Jacking is also more times than none a permanent fix to your concrete problems and comes with a 2 year warranty.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a job varies from job to job. We consider the size, condition of the area, and the amount of the concrete that has fallen. If you are looking for Mud Jacking Services, give us a call. We provide quick, painless, estimates at no cost to you.

Why is Crackerjack the best choice for all of your mud jacking needs?

Crackerjack uses a premium quality grout mixture of topsoil, sand, and Portland cement that is low shrink and has a stability of 100%. We provide quick reliable and professional service with a smile to all areas of the city. When choosing our service you are provided a two year warranty for all work that was completed. Whether you are a: residential, industrial, commercial and municipal client, we can perform all mud jacking applications.