Crackerjack Mud Jacking uses a process that restores sunken pieces of concrete back to their original grade and level. Uneven concrete driveways or slabs can be restored and realigned without affecting the surrounding concrete.

Our techniques for mud jacking are derived from processes used in the midwestern United States to readjust concrete slabs. What started in the mid-west to combat cracking and sinking concrete caused by hotter temperatures has now made its way into nearly every state in the country. We always tell our clients that although the concept is simple to understand, the actual mud jacking process should only be attempted by professionals because of the safety risks involved with the equipment we use.

Mud jacking works by drilling small holes in the concrete’s surface. We then pump a slurry through the holes to fill in the void of earth below the concrete. When the slurry fills in the hole beneath the concrete, the outward pressure of adding additional slurry forces the concrete slab upwards. We fill in each of the holes with a shrink-proof grout and can be driven on shortly thereafter.

Mud jacking’s popularity lies in how cheaply it can be done compared to replacing the concrete. Often, mud jacking is just as permanent as replacing the entire concrete slab and can be performed in a fraction of the time without nearly any of the same mess.

To help potential customers get an idea of what their job may cost, we offer free, on-site estimates and an honest evaluation of whether mud jacking is the best technique for the job.

Crackerjack Mud Jacking uses only the best topsoil and sand mixtures to fill in holes beneath the concrete. Mixed with Portland cement, our mixtures have little chance of shrinking below the slab again and provide excellent stability to the above-ground surfaces they’re supporting. All of our work is backed by a 2 year warranty and we work in residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial environments.

Our business has been using the most modern mud jacking techniques in the Denver and Northern Front Range metro areas since we started. We’re the leading developer of soil mixture for other mud jacking businesses, so we know what goes into every job. In addition to concrete jacking, we also help boost porches and sidewalks to prevent them from losing stability.

Although it only takes .35PSI to raise up to a 4-inch thick piece of concrete, sometimes the concrete is constrained and requires additional pressure. By drilling multiple 1.5 inch holes throughout the slab, we prepare for every eventuality by ensuring there’s enough space and pressure applied to get even the toughest jobs done from the get-go without any hidden surprises.

Every hole is filled using our shrink-proof grout and our team members ensure that every hole is patched and sanded down to look like part of the existing structure. Every job is approved by the customer before payment changes hands because we want to ensure that every customer is 100% satisfied.